Breast Implant:

The breasts are one of the important structures which complete the aesthetic integrity of the woman as well as the waist and hip circumference. Every woman wants to have breasts with beautiful appearance; however many women have small breasts genetically or lose the breast tissue due to the breastfeeding after giving birth. The most appropriate and healthy solution for small breast is the breast prosthesis. The breast enlargement operation is to increase the breast volume with breast prosthesis under the breast tissue. This process may be applied to the structural small breasts or small and emptied breasts. If sagging occurs in breasts as well as smallness, this process is combined with mastopexy (breast lifting) . If the neeple is below the fold under the breast due to the sagging, breast lifting operation must be applied too.

Breast Lifting:

To have plump, fresh and more beautiful breasts is the dream of every woman. However, the breast sagging and looseness is one of most disturbing status for this dream. With the effect of the inherited characteristics, pregnancy, breast feeding, excessive weight gain/loss, menopause and gravity, the upper part of the breast flatten and grayed out and the lower part sags. The breast skin loses its elasticity and becomes weak.

The breast lift operation may be applied to the patients with more aesthetic, tighter breasts who are satisfied with the breast size. When a significant loss occurs in the breast volume, the patient becomes sad. In such cases, the size of the breast increases by placing breast prosthesis and the form and position is developed. There are many techniques in breast lifting operations. The degree of the breast sagging, the size of the breast and the status of the skin are the factors for the doctor in determining the preferred technique

Breast Reduction:

Breasts may be large due to the various reasons. Large breasts that may not adopt to the body size may occur due to genetic factors, hormonal changes and certain diseases. Due to the size of the large breasts, the women may experience back and neck pains and may cause kyphosis. Some paresthesias may occur due to the pressure of the bra on the arm nerves. There may be problems in breathing. Skin rash may occur under the breast due to the continuos fraction of the breast skin and chest skin, wounds may open. The daily physical activities may be limited. Besides big breasts cause problems in selection of the clothes and the dissatisfaction of the women for themselves causes social and psychological problems. The young people with the big breasts affect psychologically. An operation applied for breast reduction, gives a natural appearence to the breasts, the above mentioned problems are removed and the person’s life becomes easier.


Gynecomastia is the name given to the appearance of the breast tissue of the men which is similar to female breasts and the excessive growth of breast tissue unilaterally and bilaterally. Gynecomastia may cause a social problem that may affect the life and clothing style depending of psychological stress. These people may have problems in wearing shirts, swimming in the sea and undressing next to others. Sometimes they may aggressive and sometimes introvert. Although they are uncomfortable from this problem, they do not share this problem with other people by taking that only they experience this problem. However, this problem is seen in society in the ratio of approximately %40 and its treatment is not difficult as it is estimated. Besides feeling discomfort in terms of appearance, pain in breast, swelling, tension feeling and suspicion of being breast cancer are the reasons for applying doctor.
Gynaecomastia is experienced as dependent on the estrogen hormone. Gynaecomastia may occur due to the increase in estrogen level or sensitivity of breast tissue to the estrogen hormone more than normal. Breast may enlarge due to the genetic reasons or hormone level or any other reasons. The estrogen hormone from the mother may cause the breast of the baby to grow in a certain size, after the first months, this size decreases and reaches to normal level.
The increase in estrogen in men generally may occur in older ages with the increase of fat rate and fuse of the muscles in the body. Therefore the breast enlargement in older men is considered as normal.
% 4-5 of the estrogen arises from the fat. Obesity also increases the fat rate in the young men. However, it is not enough alone for the breast enlargement. However, unhealthy nutrition, particularly hormone reinforced foods, cortisone and estrogen-weighted structures are associated with the gynaecomastia.
In the men with genetic predisposition (in adolescence) , the female type breast enlargement (gynaecomastia) is normal. While breast enlargement is expected to decline in 20s at the end of adolescence, sometimes it may be permanent and requires treatment.



Rhinoplasty is an application which is made by re-forming the nasal bone and cartilage for improving the current appearance and functions of the nose. The nose is right in the middle of the face therefore it affects all the appearance of the face. The problems of the persons who have breathing problems are eliminated during the aesthetic nose operation. The aim in nose operations is to make the nose specific for one’s face and to make a natural nose.
Rhinoplasty operations are performed under general anesthesia. It must be performed in operating room and under the hospital conditions having appropriate equipment. The operations may be performed as closed and open technique according to the status of the patient and the choice of the surgeon. Before the operation, some limitation shall be required in drug usage. After the nose operation, temporary bruising and swelling may occur in some cases These conditions shall end approximately one week later. All details related with the operation shall be given to you by the medical team and the doctor.

The most common reason of ear aesthetic operations is to remove the prominent ear problem. Prominent ear deformity is the condition of prominent ear bending forward unlike the normal anatomic position. The prominent ear in children, is the most frequent problem in terms of major psycho-social, emotional or behavioral problems. The congenital deformities are the most common. The prominent ear operations are the secure processes. No problem related with the hearing occurs for only intervening to the outer part of the ear. The most appropriate period for the prominent ear aesthetic is the preschool period. The group of friends of the children expands in the school age and the children are very sensitive and fragile in this period. They affect from the situations like being mocked and having nicknames for their prominent ears. This situation may cause the lack of self-esteem and in older ages, they may feel the need to hide their ears with hair. The aesthetic ear operation may be corrected in any age

Liposuction is the removal of the excessive fats by vacuum which accumulate regionally. It is an efficient method for removing the excessive fats which occur with the fat storage. First of all, it must be known that the liposuction is not a method which may replace the method of losing weight with diet and exercise. Liposuction is a method which is used for shaping body. It is not a treatment for obesity and overweight.
While the regional lipoidosis is seen in waist- hip zone in women, it is seen in abdomen- belly zone in men. This is a genetic condition and the lipoidosis occurs in these regions according to the gender. Liposuction is an efficient method for removing the fat storages in these areas.
Liposuction is not only applied to hip, waist and abdomen. It may be applied to the zones like chin, upper arms, back, breasts, inner knee, legs where the fats which cannot be lost after losing weight. Liposuction is appropriate for the zones with more fat than normal in those who are have normal weight or slightly overweight.

Vaser Lipo may be called as a new alternative to the liposuction or fat removal procedure which is one of the most frequent aesthetic operations. This FDA approved method is a procedure which helps the removal of the fat which cannot be lost with diet and sports.
In this application, the zone and amount of the fat removal is determined. A special dissolver liquid is injected to the zones which are determined for the easy removal of the fats. This liquid only targets the fat cells. Then the liquefied fats are removed by inserting the special cannules of the device through the small holes opened in the skin.
Vaser Lipo may be applied to all zones of the body which the unwanted fats accumulate. The most applied zones are hips, abdomen, waist, inner and outer part of the leg, knee, back, arms, breast and jowl.

The shape, contour, tension of the abdomen and waist zone is one of the most important criterion for the beauty of female and men body. A smooth abdomen, slightly apparent muscles, and more concave appearance in the belly button area and more oval lower abdomen is desired in women and. A smooth, waist indentation and prominent abdominal muscles in men is more attractive.
Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure which is for providing a smoother and firmer abdominal profile. The abdominoplasty operation is to remove the skin which has cracks and excessive fat after the problems like excessive gain weight, weight after pregnancy, regional weight gain. In some cases, abdominoplasty is applied together with liposuction procedure. Although there is a reduction in these tissues together with losing weight, the subcutaneous fat and muscle tissues cannot be recovered in desired level. This may cause sagging in the zone.

The sagging in rear and interior zones of the arm generally occurs with the skin sagging and fat accumulation. Generally the factors like genetic predisposition, aging, gaining-losing weight, excessive exposure to sun and gravity cause tje formation of sagging by increasing the relaxation in skin and subcutaneous tissue. This situation can be annoying when short sleeves and tight clothing is worn. There are many solutions like liposuction or arm lift surgeries with the decision of the doctor according to the need of the person.

Sagging and relaxation occur in the inner leg in many women due to the aging and excessive weight loss. Particularly when a skirt is worn, the sweating and rash occurs with the friction of the inner legs during walking. As well as these problems, these relaxations which form unpleasant appearance aesthetically, may be recovered with leg stretching operation. The leg stretching operation is the most appropriate solution for all women complaining from these problems.

In some case, the leg stretching operation is planned together with the liposuction. If the tissues in leg zone do not lose their vitality, this problem may be solved with liposuction. If the patient is in an older age and there are relaxations, this is not the right choice. In such case, the excessive fat is removed with the skin and the skin reaches to its former firmness.

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift is an operation to modify the appearance of the buttocks without implants, by only transferring the excess fat from another part of your body. The transferred fat feels exactly like natural fat, taking on the characteristics of the area of the body that it is injected.

Brazilian Butt Lift operation is a simple and safe way of having volume and curve to a flat or unshapely butt. BBL is not only shaping your butt, but it also has the added benefit of removing unwanted fat from other areas of the body. It serves as comprehensive treatments, gives you the best of both worlds, removing fat from where you don’t want it and depositing it back where you do. Excess fat can be removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs with liposuction.The extracted fat is purified and prepared for transfer and then a portion of this fat is injected into the buttocks.