Obesity is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent diseases around the world and obesity surgery is one of most preferred medical treatments in Turkey by the patients from all over the world who suffer from excess weight.

In addition to the technological evolution, that has saved much of the daily effort. Obesity is not only a physical health problem, but also a psychological problem in the first place. Where obese people are exposed to a constant psychological conflict between their current shape due to obesity, and the form they aspire to reach, which leaves them in a destructive psychological situation which lead them to heal themselves by devouring more foods, and that certainly lead to more obesity.

However, in the current age, obesity surgeries have become an ideal solution for eliminating all these psychological and physical burdens, where an obese patient can enjoy a healthy weight and a graceful body, as well as enjoying a more than wonderful self-acceptance, making them more self-confident and more open to life.  Now that you are on this page, and you read this article, you are definitely looking for a solution to reach the dream of fitness you are looking for, so follow us in the next report to get to know all the details of the obesity surgery.

Obesity is not an easy problem to be solved, otherwise all those who suffer from it around the world would have managed to get rid of it, but it needs a will, determination, patience, great effort, and endurance, which many people lack. Therefore, turning to obesity surgery is the best solution to get rid of the obesity problem as soon as possible. Obesity surgery is based on a range of techniques that aim to reduce the size of the stomach and make it consume less food than it needs, thereby contributing to weight loss.


In fact, there are two types of obesity surgery, either by using endoscope or by tending to surgical incision, and often all surgeries nowadays are done by the endoscope so that the risks that can be caused during the surgery are minimized. Obesity surgeries include gastric bypass, stomach stapling, or stomach balloon, and other techniques.

You should keep in mind that not all types of obesity surgery are suitable for all conditions, and you should differentiate between moderate obesity and obesity. Ad you should know the body mass index to determine the appropriate type of the obesity surgery that must be done for the condition. Obesity surgery often gives amazing results besides relying on a healthy diet, and increasing the rate of sports activities that are practiced, so that the results from undergoing these techniques are preserved.